March 16, 2010

First sample of Windows Mobile Phone 7

For the project rendering test, I have to test the newest XNA 4.0
which just has been released on March 15th 2010.
Let's see

In fact, XNA 4.0 is very easy to use.
However there are several different things from XNA 3.1.
For my situation, there is no more Renderstate class. So if you want to change
any renderstate in the phone, you have to create separate state instance to change that.

DepthStencilState dp = new DepthStencilState();
dp.DepthBufferEnable = true;
dp.DepthBufferWriteEnable = true;
effect.GraphicsDevice.DepthStencilState = dp;

another important thing is: phone is not allowed custom shader
In this rendering testing, I used AlphaTestEffect (drawing city), and Basiceffect (drawing City)
Basically, for a phone, it is very easy to implement 3D environment.

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