First Desktop of Summoner 7

This is exciting to create this poster with 14 characters in the demo

The Demo Screenshot of Summoner 7

Finally, all characters are in the demo!

First Elf in Summoner 7

Chuck Lin designed this character.

World map is done!

There are six big stages and 5 small stages in each of them.

Human Archer

My favorite character in Summoner 7.

December 28, 2010

Weapon Practice - Breaking River Whip (黃蓋 LV 4 斷江鞭)

The weapon for Huang Gai

normal map and texture (1184 tris)

December 26, 2010

Home Made Poster for a Red Cliff Character

Ha ha! So stupid

December 02, 2010

Character Design -- Kung Fu Monk

I use the nude man as base to design a monk character
It's still in progress

Base Model in Maya

November 10, 2010

Backgrounds I made in our pitched game "Way"

grass land

in game screenshot

Painting as layers in photoshop

 Screen Shot in the game

October 24, 2010

Learning Human Anatomy using ZBrush

Start to re-mesh the entire body

Recently, I bought a great book which teaches human anatomy very well.
By learning from the book, I did a head practice.
I think it's much better than what I did before.

September 19, 2010

Toon Character Design - Eskimo Kid (for coco&co)

September 10, 2010

Project: Akuma

Still in process

September 07, 2010

Monster Design ---- Siloo

still in progress
This creature suppose to be the concept small boss of our pitch game, but I guess no one is going to use this.
I still want to finish it. It has no teeth right now, ha ha!

August 26, 2010

Universal Play Project started!

It's a student pitched game.
The game is about creating stories between two players who are going to use basic shapes to form 
the world of stories. However, they are going to communicate with each other without texts and words. 

Here are some concept of story stages that I made in 3DS MAX

small village

viking shore

Small village

August 18, 2010

Summer Project - Free Philly Mascot -- Kneehi

Knee-Hi is the mascot in the project Free Philly
I'm the 3d/2d artist and game designer in this project.
The project is about to build an application in Surface Table for intros of Philly neighbors.
Knee-Hi, the dog will lead players to walk through 8 neighbors and play four types of small games. 

The fur part of Knee-Hi is the interesting part.  
In fact, those furs are geometries. 

August 12, 2010

Toon Character Design - Gold Girl

It took me so long to finish it. Still a lot of places have to be improved. 
However, I have to move on. 

August 08, 2010

Female Practice

August 01, 2010

Toon Character Design - Baby Bender

still under working
this is another practice from zbrush to low poly model 
this is the start from ZSphere

July 02, 2010

Toon Character Design - Bachi NO. 1

Still in working
Finally, normal mapping and texture mapping render in Maya real-time

I re-topology the head mesh in ZBrush and export the low poly model into Maya to add teeth hair and eyeball

Render in Maya with AO


Zbrush Model

Bachi is a skinning, optimistic and brave boy.  

June 20, 2010

ZBrush Male Practice (keep working)

Roughly finished a male body 
keep working on hands, feet and the head

Head, hands and feet were finished (maybe)

June 14, 2010

ZBrush Cartoon Character Creation

Inspiration is from Gromit and Knee-hi from Free Philly

However, my client wants hairy dog, which is hard to make from 3D into 2D, sign......