First Desktop of Summoner 7

This is exciting to create this poster with 14 characters in the demo

The Demo Screenshot of Summoner 7

Finally, all characters are in the demo!

First Elf in Summoner 7

Chuck Lin designed this character.

World map is done!

There are six big stages and 5 small stages in each of them.

Human Archer

My favorite character in Summoner 7.

April 11, 2011

Modeling Tip Sharing

As a junior modeler, I always had hard time when I don't have enough reference pictures (up, side, front view)
This time, I only found this up reference picture as image plane. But I also found several photos as reference.   

So, I decide to use a lazy way to make a well-topology model.  

First, from the image plane, I build a base model for sea turtle.  
 And export the model into ZBrush to do a quick 3D sketch  

Using polypaint tool to do the topology plan

then re-topology the model 

Now, I have a well-topology model, but I need to unwrap it. 
Also, I use a lazy way to unwrap it.  
After exporting back to Maya, I extract the model into arms, legs, heads, mouth, body and tail.  

After export the model back to ZBrush, I use the UV master to unwrap the model.

In a second, I got the great UV layout (of course I need to adjust the layout in Maya)

April 08, 2011

My poly tool set in Maya feature preview

I finished the prototype of mirror tool
Although it's easy, lots of people did it before.
Also, when you had hard time to select the half of the mesh (cause there are too many polygons)
However, before mirror instance, my tool will reset the scale pivot to make sure the mirror result is correct (without huge gap)

Also, when you had hard time to select the half of the mesh (cause there are too many polygons)
My edge to poly tool can help you easily select that.(you don't have to unwrap first)

Thus, you can easily mirror complicate models, and fix mirrored models