June 25, 2013

Maya FBIK Rig to Unity3D Pipeline

As a technical artist, setting and writing art pipeline is also my job.
My game is using Maya FBIK rig to rig any of my characters. However, FBX doesn't support any IK setting
. So, after animating the FBIK characters, I need to bake the animation back to the FK rig (original rig of the character) and then exports to Unity. The following is my steps.  

1. Create the FK rig for skinning character and export it as FBX.  

FK rig without any controller

All joints are under one root (group)

2. Create FBIK rig and generate FBIK controllers for the character
FBIK setting

As you can see, there are lots of controllers added to the file.
3. Animating the FBIK rig and export it to FBX with bake animation setting checked
FBIK animation MB file
The exported animation FBX file (lots of dummy stuff from MB file)

4. Clean up the exported FBX file and use my transferring animation tool to export the animation file
After cleaning up FBIK rig and controllers, you wont see the original fk rig. However, the animation is still
there. So in order to get the animation data, I modified my animation transferring tool for this pipeline. 

Export the animation as TXT file

5. Import the animation onto the original fk rig MB file and export it to FBX file. Use the FK rig FBX file as
    basic rig file in Unity3D, and the animation FBX file will fit.
Since the rig is the same as the original FK rig , this clean animation will work in Unity3D

There are some ways to bake animations from FBIK rig to original FK rig. It doesn't have to use my tool.

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